Casa Grande - Vote to Win!

Hi all. The grant application for the Casa Grande restoration project is in the mix for possible funding with a slight twist. The National Trust for Historic Preservation and American Express just pledged $1 million to help restore many of the Bay Area's most remarkable landmarks - Casa Grande is one of those historic landmarks being considered for funding!  The twist to this process is Bay Area residents can vote for which of the 25 local historic sites to get a share of $1 million in preservation money.
The voting takes place online. Voters (you) register at the official Web site  <> where you can vote for one historical site a day until voting concludes at the end of October.

The historic site with the most votes is guaranteed restoration funding, but sites that show strongly will also be given careful consideration by the partnership. The number of grantees and the exact amount of money they will receive will be determined later.

So vote today and every day thereafter until Oct. 31 for preservation funding for the Casa Grande! If you have friends, pass this email along to them and have them vote too!  Tamara

 Sincerely ~

Tamara Clark-Shear
Public Information Officer
Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department
298 Garden Hill Drive
Los Gatos, CA  95032
(408)356-3642 (fax)